Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Moving forward, cautiously.

To ensure a low-risk experience for our members, enrolled families, guests, and staff, we are taking these steps in addition to our standard strict protocols to reduce exposure, ensure food safety, and maintain wellness for all.

What we are doing in response to Covid-19:

  • Contactless delivery and curbside pickup.
  • Sanitized food bins in delivery vehicles.
  • Pre-shift wellness checks for all staff members.
  • Mandatory masks for all staff, and mandatory gloves while handling food items.
  • Sanitizing wipe-down of all work surfaces every 30 minutes.
  • Safe social distancing practices.

What we will continue doing to ensure safety and high sanitation standards:

  • Hand sanitizer stations around the facility.
  • Hospital-grade sanitization daily.
  • Professionally laundered uniforms and towels for culinary team.
  • Our daily 50-point food safety check.

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