Our Purpose
Do a little good every day.

Be a part of a cause-driven community.

Lodgic was created to meet the needs of a changing workforce with hospitality-forward workspace, flexible childcare, all-day food and beverage, and memorable event experiences. Just by choosing Lodgic, you're helping us to fulfill our greater purpose, too.

100% of proceeds from Lodgic Everyday Community and its brands — Everyday Kitchen, Clever Moose Cafe, Lodgic Workplace, Lodgic Kids Camp, and Lodgic Events — are reinvested in good works to support the aspirations of children, families, independent workers, small businesses, and communities near and far. It's our reason for being and our commitment to our parent organization, not-for-profit Moose International, which has been making good things happen in communities across the nation for more than 100 years. Learn more about the history behind Lodgic.


Making good things happen near and far.

100% of our proceeds go to support four major initiatives: Mooseheart Child City & School, the Tommy Moose First Responder program, the Lodgic Community Artists Program, and Lodgic Everyday Access Grants. Learn more about these initiatives below.

Mooseheart Child City & School

Helping kids and teens at risk and in need to grow into healthy, happy, productive adults since 1913.

This 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago leads the nation in the support and education of children who face life circumstances beyond their control. Mooseheart provides a homelike environment, first-rate college preparatory education and vocational training, and effective life preparation.

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Tommy Moose First Responder

Helping kids overcome fears and anxiety in times of crisis.

Tommy Moose plush toys ride in fire trucks and police cars across the nation, ready to provide comfort and a listening ear to children in trauma situations. More than 250,000 Tommys have been donated to shelters, hospitals, and first responders, and has assisted in a quarter-million emergency situations to date.

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Lodgic Community Artists Program

Supporting and showcasing emerging artists through commissioning and curation.

We invest in gifted local and regional artists to fill each Lodgic location with visual and dimensional art that captures the spirit, vibrance, and diversity of the local communities in which we live. Art is commissioned and sourced through an open call and curation process.

Lodgic Everyday Access Grants

Nourishing the aspirations of emerging entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Lodgic Everyday Access Grants gift access to Lodgic Workplace and Lodgic Kids Camp for individuals and organizations for whom a leg up means a leap forward. Grants are designed to help jump-start a good idea, provide much-needed workspace, or free up hard-to-find time for working "parentpreneurs."

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