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Lodgic Everyday Community offers two types of Memberships: Workplace and Kids Camp. Both memberships have a Flex-time, pay-as-you-go option and an All-Access option. The more you use the less it costs. 

Workplace Flex-time memberships will be $60 per year and offer flexible access starting at $20/day. Workplace All-Access memberships start at $120/month and will offer nine zones of open coworking for as little as $7/day. Dedicated desk or private office? Desks will start at $400/month and offices will start at $800/month.

Kids Camp memberships will be $60/year and offer drop-in childcare starting at $12/hour to as low as $8/hour.

Want everyday access to both Workplace and Kids Camp? Great! Work+Kids members will enjoy special benefits across Lodgic.

Enrollment for the specific membership packages will be available soon. Sign up to be notified when memberships go on sale.

Don't need a membership? Lodgic restaurants are always open to the public! Grab a meal-to-go at the Clever Moose Market Cafe. Or savor a warm welcome at Everyday Kitchen Restaurant and Bar. Doors open this summer.

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