The Moose legacy of caring.


Founded in 1888, the Moose is one of the original fraternal service organizations that shaped the 20th century in America. Its members have been supporting communities, inspiring working families, and caring for at-risk children for more than 100 years.


In the early days, fraternal orders acted as social clubs for men only. Over time, the Loyal Order of the Moose has grown far beyond its beginnings, including the establishment of the Women of the Moose in 1913. Respect, decorum, pageantry, and volunteerism are esteemed and active in both organizations today.

"The Family Fraternity"

The Moose is unique among fraternal orders. More than a social club, it serves communities as "The Family Fraternity."


James J. Davis, a visionary leader.
James J. Davis was the founder of Mooseheart, the Director General for the Moose, a senator from Pennsylvania, and the Secretary of Labor under Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.

The origins of Mooseheart.

In the early 1900s, typical working families had little in the way of support systems. If a family breadwinner was injured or killed in a factory accident, there was no safety net.

James J. Davis wanted to help fix this problem. He had an ambitious idea for how the Moose could do it. As an immigrant and steelworker, he was no stranger to family hardship, so the problem was personal. He dreamed of a safe, beautiful place for children and families if the unthinkable happened. The idea of Mooseheart was born.

His grand vision of a safety net for working-class families revitalized the Moose nationwide and established the world-renowned Mooseheart Child City & School.


Mooseheart Child City & School was founded to help at-risk children.
Mooseheart initially opened to Moose members and relatives to care for at-risk children. Today, Mooseheart is open to applications from any child in need. Over the years, Mooseheart has provided a safe home to over 12,000 children.

Circa 1930

An education and a trade.
With a longstanding tradition of teaching self-reliance and a strong work ethic, generations of Mooseheart High School graduates have received both an academic diploma and a vocational trade certificate such as cosmetology or engine repair.


Mooseheart graduates have an 85% college-acceptance rate.
In addition to a high quality education, the vocational trades program is still going strong — giving graduates the most options possible for their future.


More than 12,000 children have found a safe home at Mooseheart.
Admission application is open to any child or family in need. The campus includes a preschool, kindergarten, grade school, high school, athletic stadium, military ROTC, vocational training, neighborhood residential housing, and the world headquarters of Moose International.


Mooseheart graduates are making a difference.
Mooseheart graduates like Akeem Edmonds take their experience with them. "My parents couldn't take care of me. Mooseheart gave me love, structure, and a family unit." Now as an elementary teacher in Wisconsin, Akeem pays it forward.


Tommy Moose arrives to help.
Tommy Moose plush toys ride in fire trucks and police cars across the nation, ready to provide comfort and a listening ear to children in trauma situations. More than 100,000 Tommys have been donated to shelters, hospitals, and first responders, and has assisted in a quarter-million emergency situations to date.


The first Lodgic Everyday Community opens.
The first Lodgic Everyday Community opened its doors to serve new generations of working people, families, children, and communities with the same values and heart in a whole new way.


Two more Lodgic locations come to life.
New Lodgic locations open their doors in Madison, Wisconsin, and Louisville, Kentucky, to extend the Moose legacy of caring and Lodgic's purpose to do a little good every day.