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Once your child is registered at Lodgic Kids Camp, take advantage of the flexible programing option that fits your needs. Open early to late, Monday through Saturday. Kids Camp operates outside traditional childcare hours and offers one or more options to fit your schedule.

Pay As You Go


Pay only for what you use, when you need it. Flat hourly, meal, and snack rates give you maximum flexibility.

$12 /hour
First child

Extended Hours, Six Days a Week

monday - thursday

6:30 a.m. — 9 p.m.


6:30 a.m. — 10 p.m.


9 a.m. — 10 p.m.

Siblings | $5/hr

Annual Enrollment

Fee | $60

Meals | $5          

Snacks | $3



The more hours you buy, the less you pay! Packages are valid for one year from purchase date, with built-in flexibility for you to use whenever you need care.

As Low As
$8 /hour
First child

First Sibling | $4/hr

Additional Siblings | $3/hr

Packaged Hours, 1st child

| $11/hour ($275)

| $10/hour ($500)

| $9/hour ($675)

| $8/hour ($800)

Annual Enrollment Fee | $60

Meals | $5            Snacks| $3



For one simple price that includes hourly rates, meals, and snacks, get up to 50 hours of care per week. Spots are guaranteed within one hour from weekly reserved time. Weekly passes valid seven days from purchase.

$5 /hour
Each child
Weekly Rates

50 Hours | $305/child

Annual Enrollment Fee | $60

Meals and Snacks | Included

MOUNTAINEERS ONLY (Kindergartners to 12 years)


With weekly passes, your older kids can enjoy before and after-school time, school breaks, or any time they want to tackle a new adventure. For one simple price that includes hourly rates, meals, and snacks, get up to 50 hours of care per week. Weekly passes valid seven days from purchase. Transportation arrangements required.

$4 /hour
Each child
Mountaineer Weekly Rates

25 Hours | $140/child

50 Hours | $255/child

Annual Enrollment Fee | $60

Meals and Snacks | Included


  • Siblings | $5/hour each
  • Meals | $5 each
  • Snacks | $3 each
step 1.

Fill out the Kids Camp paperwork. There are a variety of forms, so we recommend that you plan ahead before your child’s very first Kids Camp visit.

Download Membership Enrollment Forms

step 2.

Bring your completed paperwork to Lodgic Kids Camp anytime we are open. Pay your annual enrollment fee, and choose a membership plan. While you're here, meet our director, and get to know Kids Camp.

step 3.

That’s it. You’re ready for your child’s first Kids Camp visit. Don’t forget to bring all your paperwork! You can upgrade, change or cancel your membership at any time.


As a parent, Lodgic Kids Camp knows that caring for your children takes top priority. Understanding how Lodgic Kids Camp works will help you make an informed choice for the care of your kids. Below are some helpful details. Also, we welcome you to please come for a visit to meet our director and teachers. Have more questions? See below, or also Kids Camp FAQ.


Operating Hours

Mon–Thurs, 6:30am – 9pm

Friday, 6:30am – 10pm

Saturday, 9am – 10pm

Sunday, Closed

Philosophy and Purpose

Jump in! Lodgic Kids Camp is a flexible, play-based learning environment of discovery and exploration. Intentionally designed for today’s on-the-go families who juggle priorities, Lodgic Kids Camp helps families balance what’s important to them by providing come-and-go, drop-in childcare that is safe, fun, and dependable. It is a high-quality early childhood education experience with a distinct focus on caring for others, social responsibility, and community contribution.

Experienced! Our Lodgic Kids Camp curriculum is a reimagined adaptation of our 100 year foundation and legacy, Mooseheart. Mooseheart was established in 1913 by the Loyal Order of Moose and began as a home and school in rural Illinois to care for children facing life circumstances beyond their control. Today, the Mooseheart flagship campus has grown so large it has its own ZIP Code and represents an unrivaled expertise in residential child development and building community character. We believe in and promote the promise of potential that is inside every child.

From the heart! Our six Big Moose Heart Values are the timeless pursuits that drive the Lodgic Kids Camp experience: Empathy, Caring, Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, and Service. These values are embedded into the Lodgic Kids Camp Curriculum where 26 specific social skills are modeled into the fun activities of every day.

Every moment! Our professionally trained staff focuses on being attentive to creating positive, lasting social and emotional competency. We aim to be ready for teachable moments that can happen at any time. Staff training also includes Lodgic Kids Camp curriculum, guidance strategies, state-required training, and ongoing early childhood professional development.

Nourishing! We believe in promoting healthy character and healthy bodies. We believe discovery and growth happen best with natural environments and wholesome materials. Our food is nutritious, and our play-based learning is styled to be outdoorsy, hands-on, and interactive.

Play and Learn Curriculum

The Lodgic Kids Camp environment is designed to foster creativity while empowering children as active participants in their own learning. The classroom is strategically staged for learning with attractive, age-appropriate, natural, authentic, and open-ended learning materials. Once the stage is set, teachers allow children to engage in deep exploration and carefully watch for opportunities to spontaneously facilitate the child’s learning in authentic teachable moments. Our classroom environment is designed for flexibility that constantly changes based on the varying needs, interests and the individual learning styles of the children.

Nest (ages 12 months to 2 years)

Kids Camp learning environments are tailored to three developmentally appropriate age-based peer groups to grow minds, build character, and deliver fun. The Nest is a safe, joyful, nurturing, high-attention environment for your littlest ones to learn and play.

Meadow (ages 2 years to 5 years)

The Meadow fosters social and emotional skills-building in a fun, hands-on environment your preschoolers will love.

Mountaintop (ages 5 years to 12 years)

The Mountaintop is an inspiring, fun-forward adventure quest for your school-agers to thrive.

The Heartland Outdoor Playground

Explore the great outdoors! Tommy Moose and Friends live in the Heartland. It’s more than an outdoor playground— it’s a world of sunshine, discovery and adventure.

Health, Safety and Security

Lodgic Kids Camp safety systems and protocol include secure video monitoring, First Aid and CPR training, emergency contingency planning, standard precautions and medication administration protocols, and parent-text communication.

directors and teachers

Jasmine Carroll, Lodgic Kids Camp Director

A life-long contributing member of the Champaign-Urbana community, Jasmine has ten years of experience teaching in state licensed child care facilities, including LaPetite Academy, the national Head Start program, and a licensed group child care home. She is Director-Qualified with the state of Illinois’ Department of Child & Family Services with a comprehensive knowledge of state day care licensing standards. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Care Education at Eastern Illinois University, Jasmine recently interned with regional supervisor of the Day Care Licensing Office within the Illinois Department of Child & Family Services.

Melinda Sheehan, National Childcare Director

A national expert, owner and operator of groundbreaking drop-in childcare, Melinda has advised the creation and development of Lodgic Kids Camp as “Flextime Learning by Mooseheart.” Melinda has been in the childcare industry since 1992, and has been a national catalyst in revolutionizing the drop-in child-care model.

Meals and snacks

Chef-prepared Daily

Nutritious Lodgic Kids Camp meals are always prepared fresh and delivered directly from our on-site kitchen. Your child will be served a meal or a snack if he/she is present during our regular meal time or snack time. Meals and snacks are automatically tracked and conveniently added to your hourly drop-in fees. Meals are $5, and snacks are $3.

Daily Meal and Snack Times

Meals: 8 a.m., 12 p.m., 6 p.m.

Snacks: 10 a.m., 3 p.m., 8 p.m.

special accommodations

Allergies and Special Dietary Needs
Lodgic Kids Camp is not a peanut-free facility. Reasonable accommodations can be made for allergies or special dietary needs.
Special Needs

Lodgic Kids Camp operates in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If one-on-one care is determined necessary for your child, an increased hourly rate may be applied. Rates will be determined by the Director if further evaluation is necessary. Our goal is to develop a team-based plan with community resources, parents, and staff to help children be successful in a group childcare setting. If we are unable to meet your child’s needs, the Center Director can assist with the community resources to assist your family.


Lodgic Kids Camp can administer medication in most circumstances under strict protocols with written authorization from parents. Lodgic Kids Camp complies with the Nurse Practice Act. See the Kids Camp Director for Medication Authorization forms.

licenses and Certifications

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services childcare provider ID #570111.

First Aid and CPR

Staff are required to become certified in First Aid, CPR, and Standard Precautions.

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services childcare provider ID #570111.