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What is Lodgic Everyday Community?
Lodgic is a new kind of community environment created for productive working and gathering. Lodgic blends familiar services like a restaurant and bar, a quick-serve cafe, shared workspace, meeting and event spaces, fitness, and childcare under one roof. Lodgic spaces and services are designed for flexibility and creativity so you can use them whenever and however you want, to take care of the things that are most important to you both personally or professionally.
Who is it for?
Lodgic is designed for individuals and families who want more productivity and flexibility out of their personal and working lives. It's for freelancers, companies, working moms, remote workers,  entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, graduate students, people with side gigs, people with kids, people who want tasty, healthy eats, people who seek a better work/life balance, people who want to thrive in their aspirations.
Do I need to be a member to use Lodgic?
The restaurant and cafe are open to the public just like any regular eatery. Lodgic Workplace and Lodgic Kids Camp require membership enrollments. Progressive membership plans allow greater access to more perks and benefits. The more you use, the less it costs. And you can try Lodgic Workplace with a Guest Pass. If you become a member, your paid Guest Pass fee is rolled into your membership. Win, win!
What will memberships cost?

Lodgic Everyday Community offers two types of Memberships: Workplace and Kids Camp.

Workplace Pay-as-you-go memberships are just $60/year. Workplace Flextime memberships start at $120/month. Workplace All-Access memberships start at $220/month. Dedicated desks are $325/month and private offices start at $550/month.

Kids Camp memberships are $60/year and offer drop-in childcare starting at $12/hour to as low as $8/hour.

See details on our membership plans.

Are there membership perks and benefits?
Yes, Workplace members receive monthly surprise gifts and rewards. Lodgic Kids Camp members get Tommy Tokens for every visit, and Work+Kids members get free childcare perks each month.
Are there perks for traditional Moose Lodge members?
Yes. Moose Lodge members receive a free Full Day Guest Pass and a $50 credit toward a Lodgic Workplace Membership when they present their Loyal Order of Moose membership card, an $80 value. One per member per year.


What's included in a Workplace Membership?

Lodgic Workplace includes nine unique work zones, task and open desking, nooks and huddles, Family Workplace, phone booths, high-speed WiFi, drop-in micro-offices, professional and social events, indoor bike storage, locker room, showers, reservable gather rooms, direct-to-desk food service, local-brew coffee, a self-service Canteen, guest hospitality, print/copy center and daily cleaning.

Are there offices for startups, small businesses, or remote workers?
Lodgic has Small, Medium, Large, and XL offices. Small offices hold one person; the XL office accommodates nine. Small offices will start at $550/mo.
Can I just drop in or do I need to reserve a space?

Lodgic Workplace is designed for flexibility, open from 8am to 9pm. Reservations are not needed. There are multiple zones of open and private workspaces you can choose from. If you're a member, just check in. If you're not a member you can easily get a Half or Full Day Guest pass at the Welcome Tent. If you need a Gather Room for a meeting or group, you'll want to make a room reservation ahead of time.

Are there conference rooms available?
Yes. Gather Rooms are available to members and nonmember guests. It's best to reserve ahead of time. Food-and-beverage service is available to anyone booking a Gather Room at an additional cost.
Can I run my business from Lodgic Workplace?
Yes. There are some limitations. Industrial and retail operations don’t work, but most professional business types can operate at Lodgic. Private mailboxes and other amenities are available for small businesses who choose Lodgic for their home base.
Is there a corporate or enterprise membership (without having a Workplace office)?
Absolutely! We’re working on the details now. Stay tuned.
Can members invite visitors, customers, and clients?
Visitors of All-Access members can visit for free. Visitors of Pay-as-you-go and Flextime members must purchase a Guest Pass.
Are there mailboxes?
Yes. Mailboxes are included with offices, extra for other memberships.
Are there lockers?
Yes. There are Workplace lockers and there are lockers in the shower room as well.
Can I bring my dog to work?
We're still working on this one. The answer is likely going to be no. A lot of coworking spaces allow dogs, however Lodgic also has a full food-service kitchen, so the presence of pets presents complications.
Is that a real campfire indoors?
Come and see! Bring your guitar and S'mores!

Kids camp

What does flexible, on-demand childcare mean?
It means you can drop in with no advance planning or reservations. Children may stay for as little as one hour or as long as twelve hours. And Kids Camp is a fully licensed childcare facility, which means you can go about your day — you don’t have to stay on premises.
Is Kids Camp open on nights and weekends?
Yes, till 9 p.m. on weekdays, until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed Sundays.
What will Kids Camp hours be?
Weekdays 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., to 10 p.m. on Fridays. Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Closed Sundays.
No reservations needed? How do I know Kids Camp won't be full when I need it?
Try it and see. After caring for kids for over 100 years, we've learned a thing or two. Lodgic Kids Camp turns the typical childcare model upside down and is always fully staffed. In the unlikely moment that our licensed capacity might be maxed, you may have to wait five or ten minutes for a spot to open up again. If this rare scenario happens, we'll try to make sure your wait is pleasant, with something tasty from the Clever Moose Market Cafe.
Can anybody use Lodgic Kids Camp?
Yes. You have to enroll in an annual membership first. Once your paperwork and health forms are complete, you can drop in any time, no reservations needed. Be sure to plan ahead before your very first visit.
Drop in? How will my child join the stream of activity?

The Kids Camp daily curriculum routine is specially designed so that kids can come and go with ease. Teachers introduce every child to the group and welcome each child into the current stage of the current activity. If they're in the middle of an activity or near the end, it's no problem. At Kids Camp there's always another new activity starting in just a short while.

What if my child is shy or doesn't want to participate in an activity?
Teachers work hard to integrate the children at their speed and comfort. Sometimes kids prefer to be alone for awhile. Teachers give special attention to children who want a little extra time to join in, or who just need some quiet book or play time.
How do meals and snacks work?
Nutritious meals are chef-prepared fresh and delivered directly from our on-site kitchen. Menus will be posted. Meals are served at 8 a.m., 12 p.m., and 6 p.m. Snacks are served at approximately 10 a.m., 3 p.m., and 8 p.m. Your child will be served a meal or a snack if he/she is present during our regular meal time or snack time. Meals and snacks are automatically tracked and conveniently added to your hourly drop-in fees. Meals are $5 and snacks are $3.
Can my child bring their own meals and snacks?
No, but if your child needs a special dietary meal due to allergies, illness, food sensitivities, or religious purposes, accommodations can be made.


Do you need to be a member to eat at the restaurants?
No. Everyday Kitchen and Clever Moose are regular public eateries just like any other restaurant, bar, or cafe. Dine at Lodgic whenever our doors are open, seven days a week!
Two restaurants? What's the difference?
Clever Moose Market Cafe is an all-day, on-the-go, family-friendly spot for coffee, juices, salads, sandwiches, and nourishing delights fresh-made daily. The Everyday Kitchen Restaurant and Bar is an upscale spitfire grill great for business lunches, hearty meals, cocktails, and date nights.
Can I work from the cafe or restaurant for free without using the coworking space?
Yes. If you decide you want to upgrade and move into Workplace, a Half-Day Guest Pass is just $15. If you decide to become a member, your paid Guest Pass fees can credit toward your Annual Membership fee.


How many people can the event spaces handle?
Lodgic has three gathering venues. The Event Hall holds up to 125 people, depending on configuration. Host a seated banquet, cocktail reception, or classroom-style lecture. The Campfire is a casual, open amphitheater that seats up to 40. The Workplace Lounge is an open, mixer-style area that accommodates 30.
What kind of events will work best in the Lodgic event spaces?
All kinds. We welcome creativity. Lodgic spaces are designed for adaptability.

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