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Lodgic believes that communities who work and share together are stronger. Our members believe in the promise of children and they believe in nourishing the aspirations of the makers and the doers. We believe in supporting families who need a break or a boost.  

Everyday Access Grants are free memberships for Lodgic Workplace and/or Lodgic Kids Camp. They’re a way to help someone jumpstart a good idea, provide needed workspace, or simply free up some hard-to-find time. Anyone is eligible to apply.

Each month, Lodgic Everyday Community will award one local Everyday Access Grant, for a total of 12 access grants per year.

To apply, simply tell us your story in 500 words or less. Tell us also why your need or your idea is a good fit with the Champaign-Urbana community and with objectives of Lodgic Everyday Community. (We’ll have an application form on this page when this program launches.) 

Applicants may apply once per year per grant type. Applications are evaluated from among the pool of applications received each month, and the application pool renews each month.


Three types of Everyday Access Grants:

  • 1. Workplace for Individuals 
    A three-month All-Access Unlimited Workplace Membership.
  • 2. Workplace for Organizations 
    A three-month All-Access Unlimited Workplace Membership for up to five people.
  • 3. Kids Camp 
    A one-year All-Access Kids Camp Membership with 25-hours of free childcare.

Stay tuned. We'll begin accepting Everyday Access Grant applications in Fall 2018.

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