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EVERYDAY KITCHEN FOH: No open positions at this time.

EVERYDAY KITCHEN BOH: No open positions at this time.

LODGIC KIDS CAMP:  Lead Teachers

Workplace Concierge, CHAMPAIGN, IL

lodgic Workplace

Job Description (Download PDF)

Our Workplace Concierge will be cultivating and enhancing the experience of potential, existing, and past members by providing a hospitality-forward guest experience and a smooth operation of the Workplace. The Workplace Concierge will support, regularly communicate with, and build relationships with all members and manage all aspects of the members’ Lodgic experience.  They should know the members’ names, personal conversational details, and be able to describe in brief what the member’s professional work is. The Member Concierge will serve as a networking hub for members looking to find collaborations and services that other members in our space may provide. 

Sales Manager, CHAMPAIGN, IL

Lodgic Everyday Community

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The Sales Manager is responsible for generating sales for Lodgic Events and Lodgic Workplace at Lodgic Everyday Community.  This position will maintain and exceed sales targets defined by management. Individual must be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and achieve weekly targets while offering a very high level of Customer Service. The successful candidate will understand what motivates customers to buy and know how to tap into those needs and desires in an effective way.

Workplace Manager, Madison, WI

lodgic Workplace

Job Description (Download PDF)

The Workplace Manager role will take overall responsibility for ensuring the successful community building, member experience, and operational and financial performance of Lodgic Workplace according to the company’s purpose, values, brand standards, and key performance indicators.

Reporting directly to the on-site Managing Director and working cooperatively with other departments, the Workplace Manager is focused on hospitality-forward community building and curation, member/guest experience creation, and education and social programming and events curation for current and potential Lodgic community members.

Madison, WI Positions Now Open

All Service Areas

General Application Form (Download PDF)

EVERYDAY KITCHEN FOH: Host | Server | Server Assistant | Bartender | Barista

EVERYDAY KITCHEN BOH: Sous Chef | Line Cook | Pastry Cook | Prep Cook | Dish Team Operator

LODGIC WORKPLACE: Positions Coming Soon

LODGIC KIDS CAMP: Positions Coming Soon


We have a multitude of different careers across our five offerings. Apply using the form below, adding your resume (or general application) and any additional information you’d like to share. Any questions we haven’t answered? Contact

Happy server career background

Working at Lodgic

Lodgic Everyday is about creating a vibrant community. Our community starts with the employees and staff that work to bring out the best in all who enter our doors. We are looking for the team to help us bring this vision to life. We have employment opportunities across our business in childcare, cowork, food and beverage, and administration.

If you are looking for a way to serve working families, help businesses thrive, and foster a shared community, Lodgic Everyday just might be the place for you.

Nourishing Business

Strengthening One Another, One Connection at a Time

People live here because the community is active, entrepreneurial, and engaging. Lodgic is a complement to the existing community where connections are made and nourished. Whether you are networking to grow your business in Lodgic Workplace, having meaningful conversations with your kids over a cookie at Clever Moose, or your kids are making new friends in Kids Camp, Lodgic is a place to connect.

Quality of Life

True Neighborliness in Action

We are others-focused at Lodgic. Our goal is to inspire every person who walks through our door — whether it’s inspiring kids to try new things or make new friends or inspiring you to take some “me” time or inspiring your palate with fresh new tastes. Through each interaction, Lodgic is working to bring out the best in ourselves and in you. We can do great things together — as a community.

Good Neighbors

Physical Space to Invigorate Your Imagination

Everyone has unique dreams, goals, and aspirations in life. Lodgic is a space where you can do more, aspire to more, and achieve more. It was designed to give you the freedom to flow seamlessly from one aspect of your life to another — life in integration. As you move from work, play, rejuvenation, conversation, family time, “me” time, and back again to work, Lodgic moves with you.


The Values that Define Us

  • Empathy
  • Caring
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Service