Nine Local Artists Commissioned to Create Original Art in First-ever Lodgic Everyday Community

By Lodgic Everyday Community on Mar 19, 2018 10:00:00 AM


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Nine Local Artists Commissioned to Create Original Art in First-ever Lodgic Everyday Community

Approximately $35,000 to be Paid Among Artists


CHAMPAIGN, March 16, 2018 Lodgic Everyday Community — a Moose International nonprofit initiative launching in Champaign early summer 2018 — has selected nine local artists to create unique, site-specific works highlighting the history and fabric of the Champaign-Urbana community.

Lodgic made the call for portfolios in January and announced winners at the 40 North “Untitled” event in late February, the organization’s annual fundraiser. The winners are: Nathan Westerman, Kelly Hieronymus, Stacey Gross, Dan Hadley, EKAH, Anna Longworth, Barry Abrams, Lisa Kesler, and Kim Curtis. Artists range in media type from pen and ink, paint, sculpture, print making, photography, lenticular, and textiles.

“We originally planned to award up to five local artists paid commissions to create original pieces to be displayed as part of Lodgic’s permanent collection,” said Stefanie McLeese, Director of Public Relations for Lodgic Everyday Community. “However, when the portfolios started coming in, our design team leads in Denver and New York were blown away by the incredible and vast talent in our community, and we just couldn’t limit ourselves to five at that point.”

The collection will add to Champaign-Urbana’s art scene while sharing the community’s unique story. “Lodgic’s initiative in commissioning local art is tremendous,” said Kelly White, Executive Director of 40 North, the Champaign County Arts Council. “This kind of opportunity — where local artists are being recognized, valued, and compensated for their work — makes such a huge impact in the lives and careers of these artists, as well as demonstrating the vast talent we have here in C-U.”

The Lodgic design team will work closely with each artist over the coming months to bring their vision to life. Their work will be spotlighted at the Lodgic Champaign grand opening in June.

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