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MADISON: COVID-19 AND Restaurant Service Statement

At Lodgic, the safety for all who cross our threshold is of utmost importance. Throughout our community in Madison, we have instituted a variety...

COVID-19 AND Restaurant Service Statement - Update

At Lodgic, we are continuing to move forward cautiously. The next step to our reopening will happen between May 29 and June 1 when we can open our...

COVID-19 AND restaurant Service statement

While we made the decision to exercise extreme caution and temporarily close our property in mid-March, we are ready to launch curbside and...

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Moving Forward, Cautiously.These are the steps we’re taking to keep everyone safe.

Lodgic Champaign: COVID-19 Position Statement — Updated March 18, 2020

Our original goal at Lodgic Everyday Community was to stay open and serve modern working families through the uncertainty of the COVID-19...

Lodgic Champaign: COVID-19 Position Statement - March 13, 2020

At Lodgic Everyday Community, we are in the business of hospitality and service. We are a mission-driven, community hub for anyone who seeks...


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