Supporting Communities and Kids for More than 100 Years.

Lodgic is an ambitious new concept to do more of what the Moose have been doing since 1888. The Moose is one of the original fraternal service organizations that shaped the 20th century in America. We were doing great things for communities across America long before Fred and Barney joined Bedrock’s Water Buffalo Lodge. 

We’ve been supporting communities, inspiring working families, and caring for at-risk children for more than 100 years. Lodgic is an all-new way for a new generation to participate in the timelessly good things we've always stood for — to work hard, take care of each other, and have fun.

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A New Idea for a New Generation

In October 2017, the Lodgic Everyday team conducted focus groups and listened to the Champaign-Urbana community talk about productivity-boosting workspace, flexible drop-in childcare, and fun, good-for-you dining. Hear what they had to say when presented with the concept of Lodgic. 

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100% Lodgic Everyday Caring.

Lodgic is committed to making life easier and more flexible. But sometimes life delivers hard knocks instead. That’s why 100% of Lodgic profits return to what matters most here in Champaign-Urbana and in towns across America.

Nationally, we support the kids at the campus of Mooseheart Child City and School as well as the Tommy Moose First Responder child crisis support program.

Locally here in Champaign-Urbana, Lodgic Everyday Access Grants support the aspiring makers, doers, and families who just need a break or a boost. Learn how to give or receive.


cafe+coworkinG=brain power

Self-employed? Weekend side-business?

Accomplish more in a multifunction environment that works to your advantage. It just makes sense. Experience the support services and energizing connections you need for your business to thrive. And why waste time leaving for a latte or lunch when you have an artisan cafe just steps away?

coworking+childcare=crushing deadlines

Come and go as you please with childcare that's as flexible as your workweek.

Say yes to a connected, energizing place that services you and your child. Drain your inbox while your kids play next door. Cultivate new connections while they learn and grow, too. Put in the hours to build your business — with peace of mind.

childcare+restaurant=impromptu night out

Drop the kids off, settle in, and order yourself a drink.

With quality drop-in childcare and an artfully crafted menu, convenience has never tasted so good. Welcome to life-family fluidity. Plan a daytime date. Say yes to girls' brunch. Meet new friends; your kids will, too. When trusted care for your kids meets farm-to-table fare, the possibilities for fun and relaxation are endless.

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A Big Moose Heart

Hello Champaign-Urbana! Lodgic is an all-new idea for a new generation. It’s firmly rooted in our rich history of serving communities, strengthening working families, and caring for children. We’ve intentionally chosen Champaign-Urbana to launch this national initiative.

Modern working families are busier than ever. They’re also forward-thinkers whose careers and daily life are more dynamic and entrepreneurial than their parents’ generation. Today’s emerging style of workplace and social culture have changed, but the hopes and dreams of the next generation haven’t. And that’s also why 100% of Lodgic profits support the hopes of Champaign-Urbana and the dreams of kids at Mooseheart Child City and School.

Thanks, Champaign-Urbana, for welcoming the nation’s first flagship Lodgic Everyday Community. We’re excited to be partnering with you to bring it to life.

SCott Hart, CEO, Moose International

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