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We're committed to nourishing aspirations.

We envision a world where anyone with aspirations has no barriers to achieving them. That's why we created Lodgic Everyday Community.

We saw the world around us evolving: The modern workforce was rapidly shifting to independent, on-demand, entrepreneurial, virtual, and at-home employment — the composition and demands of life transforming in the process.

This sea change in how people work created new needs: New work environments. More antidotes to isolation. Stronger community. More need for flexibility. New services that not only support how we work, but how we live now. Services that support not only the modern worker, but the modern family, too.

Lodgic exists to empower your work-life integration by supporting you with hospitality-forward coworking, flexible childcare, all-day food and drink, effective meetings, and memorable events in one seamless experience.  Enjoy more flexibility, more time in your day, and more space to flourish in your life. Use one of our services or any combination — it's entirely up to you. We're here for you so you can maximize your productivity, achieve your goals, strengthen your personal connections, and enjoy life more, every day.


Together, we can do a little good every day.

By bringing Lodgic into your life, you're helping us to achieve our purpose, too. 100% of proceeds from Lodgic Everyday Community and its brands — Everyday Kitchen, Clever Moose Cafe, Lodgic Workplace, Lodgic Kids Camp, and Lodgic Events — are reinvested in good works in Lodgic communities and around the country to support the aspirations of children, families, independent workers, small businesses, and communities.
Every purchase benefits:
Kids in Crisis
Working Families
Your Community
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Our legacy of caring is more than 100 years old.

Lodgic was created to meet the needs of a changing workforce and help tackle the daily challenges of the modern family. So it makes sense that we’re an initiative of Moose International, one of the world’s largest and oldest service organizations that supports working families.

Lodgic Everyday Community aims to do more of what the Loyal Order of the Moose has been doing since 1888. We’ve reimagined the timelessly good things the Moose has always cared about most: working hard, taking care of each other, helping children grow into healthy, productive adults, doing good things for the community, and having fun. Lodgic is a new expression of that same heart.


James J. Davis reimagined a foundering men's social club as a fraternal and service organization and a social safety net for working class families. The Loyal Order of the Moose was born.


Mooseheart Child City & School was founded on 1,000 rural acres 38 miles west of Chicago to provide a home and education for orphans of Moose members. It now serves children and teens in need from all walks of life.


Tommy Moose was born to aid children in overcoming fears and anxiety in times of crisis. Since then, more than 100,000 plush dolls have been donated to first responders, emergency workers, shelters, and hospitals.


The first Lodgic Everyday Community opened its doors to serve new generations of working people, families, children, and communities with the same values and heart in a whole new way.


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